Blog: LOST banjos?

If you are a fan of both bluegrass and TV show LOST, you may be hoping for some banjo action before the series finally ends this summer.

Perhaps you’re hoping for alternate Daniel Faraday to be a Fleck-style banjo genius, or flashsideways Drive Shaft to be revealed as a Foggy Mountain Boys tribute band. Or maybe you are simply holding out for Rose and Bernard to engage in a spot of Duelling Banjos on their cabin’s front porch.

Unfortunately, it seems none of this will happen as the show’s producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have categorically stated there will be no banjo playing before the show draws to a close in late May. Speaking on the official LOST podcast Cuse said, “Sadly, there’s a battle of good and evil going on in the final season which probably doesn’t mean it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s just stop the battle of good and evil and just have a little banjo playing’. Kind of tough. No banjo. Probably.”

The disappointing comment can be heard in full in the video below.