Review: New CD from Joe K. Walsh

Joe K. Walsh is back with a new CD, a new beard and a new middle initial to differentiate himself from that other Joe Walsh that the internet always confuses him with.

Borderland is a collection of 11 songs and instrumentals and is a mellow, highly intelligent and beautifully arranged recording. As with Joe’s previous releases, it showcases not just his own abilities but those of many of his peers. In this instance, you will hear the likes of Courtney Hartman and Brittany Haas, both of whom also help with songwriting duties.

Joe is an accomplished mandolinist who can play full-on bluegrass as well as more technical and complex pieces without compromising on taste or seeming like he’s trying to outwit his audience.

This album mostly consists of original material, but there’s also a delightful version of fiddle tune Cumberland Gap, for which Joe cheekily apologises to the old-time police.

It’s all rather lovely and extremely listenable.

The album can be streamed and purchased through bandcamp.